Why do I need a separate waterproof cover?

Q : ‘Why do I need a separate waterproof cover with Blanken Care’s ContiSlip & ContiSlip Light? Why can’t the waterproof layer be built in?’

In short, you don’t always and it can…

Lots of other nappies on the market- child & adult – are what we call ‘all in ones’ or ‘pockets’
This means they’re essentially a shell, often comprised of synthetic, non or low absorbency material, into which can be placed absorbent inserts of your choice.

Sounds ideal?

Well…yes, they’re very easy to use, quick to dry and convenient. Great for daytime use certainly. We use them for our kids and change regularly

However, unlike our ContiSlip range (also known as Superwetters and Superwetter Quickdry at our sister site Snuggleblanks), they don’t offer all round high absorbency especially at the sides, which makes our ContiSlips ideal for heavy wetting night time fidgeters & side sleepers.

The natural fibre structure of the ContiSlips & Lights means moisture can be absorbed and dissipated all the way round the nappy, whilst the soft inner microfleece keeps skin dry.

The nappy itself contains inner leak guards, which guide moisture towards the pull out cotton core.
A breathable waterproof wrap over the top, with elasticated legs then keeps everything securely contained.

By comparison a pocket/all in one rarely has absorbency to the sides and no additional barrier against leaks.

In summary, if you’re fed up with damp beds regularly changing and want a long lasting, high absorbency solution, then it’s worth a try- child or adult.

Please feel free to ask us any more questions or try one out here

ContiSlip bundle

*pictured: adult medium ContiSlip Light with waterproof cover. This size without additional insert holds around 1200ml, with booster approx 2100ml*

Did you know…

… it takes hundreds and hundreds of years for one disposable nappy break down?

… if you stacked a year’s worth of disposable nappies one on top of the other, they’d create a tower as tall as Nelson’s Column?

…reusable nappies can save you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds?

…that reusable nappies are as easy to fit and use as disposables?

…there are now reusables for all ages – infant, child and adult, for day use, night use and in the pool?

Why not make a change?

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Real Nappy Week 2018

Traditionally Real Nappy Week has been about encouraging parents to switch to reusables.

This year we want to encourage everyone- infant, child or adult with continence needs – to consider the benefits of switching to reusable!

Money saving, waste reducing and comfortable, we have something for everyone.

You’ll find our full range on both www.snuggleblanks.uk and www.blankencare.com

15% off this week with code RNW18

Coping with incontinence – Superwetter Quickdry & ContiSlip Light

Many people come to us looking for something to cope with nocturnal enuresis and heavy bedwetting.

We offer several products to manage this condition, but we’ll focus tonight on our bestseller:

**The Superwetter Quickdry & Wrap (also known as the Contislip Light for adults)**

This features an absorbent bamboo terry shell, with stay-dry microfleece inner against the skin, and inner leak guards to guide flow and aid containment, just as in a disposable. The legs and back are gently elasticated to ensure a snug fit.

Into the elasticated pocket at the back you can insert as many foldable brushed cotton inserts as required. One is ideal for trim daytime use, however each nappy will contain up to three inserts for extremely heavy wetters.
Most people find two is sufficient for moderate to heavy wetters. In infant sizes this gives containment of around 1 -1.5 litres, reaching an astonishing 2.5 – 3 litres for larger sizes.

The Quickdry is shaped similar to a disposable and fastens with hook and loop tabs, again not unlike a disposable. These tabs also feature laundry tabs which can be folded back when washing to reduce the chance of tangling.

Over the Quickdry nappy we recommend using one of our wraparound waterproof wraps with PUL barrier and patterned outer.

Many people question why we recommend a two part system rather than an all in one nappy.
The answer is quite simple – security and containment.
Nightime leaks are perhaps the biggest quibble we encounter.
The Superwetter Quickdry and Wrap means leaks have to contend with two elasticated barriers.
Add this to the stay-dry inner and comprehensive absorbency and we’ve produced a system that can last around 12 hours in comfort with no leaks.

Available in infant sizes from around 12lbs right up to Adult XL (65″ waist approx)

For more information & reviews have a look here
Superwetter Quickdry


ContiSlip Light

Or feel free to ask us

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Plush Pants or Paper Waste?

Let’s face it, anyone would prefer a comfortable cotton pair of pants over a pair of rustly paper knickers.

Why should it be any different to the number of folk living with light/moderate incontinence these days?

Our discreet and comfortable pullups are great daytime alternative to child or adult nappies and are available in a range of colours and prints.

With hidden waterproof (non rustle) barrier, stay-dry microfleece against the skin, and outer design of your choice, they also feature an inner pocket, into which you can insert as much as absorbency as you require.

(Standard insert included absorbs up to 1 litre, but more can be added)

*pictured is adult medium jersey style with cotton insert.

Find adult sizes at www.blankencare.com

or our sister company Snuggleblanks for children’s options and additional prints.

Want to be part of something big?

Morning all! Brace yourself for a heartfelt post… 😁 As you may or may not know, I’ve worked tirelessly over the past few years to develop a range of really comfortable, versatile nappies for all ages- child to adult. Starting out in 2011, out of desperation I made a mega absorbent XL night nappy for our Maia and shared my crafty exploits on Facebook, I fully expected this to be just a hobby and I’d ultimately return to work using my German speaking skills….but it blossomed as I developed new designs for my subsequent big bottomed kids and talked to adults and parents desperately seeking something to comfortable and effective. Not only have I designed the full range, I still make it too, whilst simultaneously crowd controlling 3 small children (8, 7 and 2). For this reason orders are rarely shipped immediately, queries may not be answered immediately and I might not always answer the phone… As we grow as a business (we being Snuggleblanks and Blanken Care) we’re seeing a massive upsurge in interest after exhibiting at trade shows and speaking to distributors and we’re looking at ways of reducing costs and having products in stock and ready to go. But I’m also obliged to feed and clothe the aforementioned small people and keep a roof over our heads, so we’re always struggling to find the finance to upscale. As far as we’ve discovered, there’s noone else really that does quite what we do…and there’s nothing better than someone emailing you to thank you for changing their life…so we HAVE to get our range more established and widely available before someone else pinches our ideas, and the blood, sweat and frequent tears over the last few years have been for nothing. For this reason I’ve made the decision to look for an investor; someone who can support not just with finance but with guidance too; someone who wants to be part of a global venture. **Be part of something life-changing!** If you or someone you know may be interested, please PLEASE get in touch: Info@blankencare.com ir 07976 260508 In the meantime, for the most comfortable, most effective reusable nappies, pullups and pads, please keep supporting us at: Www.snuggleblanks.co.uk Www.blankencare.com * ECO10 will get you 10% on both websites * Vicky

Mum or businesswoman? …Both…

My biggest challenge since founding Snuggleblanks and Blanken Care has been juggling business with motherhood to three young children, often alone whilst daddy worked 200 miles away.

Over recent weeks I’ve witnessed my youngest tot moving up from babies to toddlers class in nursery, listened to him try out new nuances of language, stood back as he’s developed new, more grown up skills leaving babyhood far behind and watched as he’s transformed into a confident, independent little chap.

Today he turned 2.

Coupled with the 8 and nearly 7s going back to school tomorrow, (and the relief brought by diminishing ‘baby brain’) this feels like a huge, poignant landmark for me.

Whilst I’ll always be mum, I can now strive to follow the career ambitions I’d always aspired to upon graduation and before small people came into the picture.

Instead of three little people depending on me for absolutely everything and business having to take patiently take a backseat, I now have three bright and ambitious young people who want to and CAN support mummy insetad. The roles are switching!

Now’s the time for big change in the Blanken house. Bring it on!