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Our products are adaptable, to suit each of our customers.

In 2011, the idea of making cloth nappies was born out of the needs of our larger-than-average daughter. The disposable market does not cater to sizes that are outside the status quo and even cloth nappy makers are very reluctant when it comes to custom sizes. After a few trial runs, our nappies quickly made a name under Snuggleblanks, and still do so to this day.

Through social media and word of mouth, we have built a loyal customer base that keeps growing and diversifying. We provide standard sizes from infant to adult, but are proud to also cater to special needs and requirements for children and teenagers with autism, prostate cancer sufferers and other special needs patients.

When we started researching the market of adult continence wear, we found the lack of reusable solutions very surprising. Our customer base has confirmed, however, that there is definite need for better options and we are doing what we can to raise awareness of cloth alternatives for teenagers and adults.

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Thanks to our trusty customer base, our products have been selected to partake in a clinical trial, run by the University College London and the University of Southampton, which is working with patient representatives to find the best suited continence wear for prostate cancer sufferers.

Our goal is to raise awareness, not only of our products, but also of the various conditions people can suffer which lead to a need for continence wear. Currently, continence is a hushed topic and makes many people uncomfortable, but we strongly believe that it needs to come into the light, as it is something that can affect everyone.

We are looking forward to the future and are hoping to introduce our products to the NHS and nursing homes, as well as the private customer, to bring dry nights of sleep and peace of mind to as many people as possible, changing lives one cloth garment at a time.