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ContiSlip cotton– adult nappy/diaper MAXI

ContiSlip, adult, nappy, diaper, washable, disability, incontinence, disability, reusable, special needs
ContiSlip, adult, nappy, diaper, washable, disability, incontinence, disability, reusable, special needs ContiSlip, adult, nappy, diaper, washable, disability, incontinence, disability, reusable, special needs ContiSlip, adult, nappy, diaper, washable, disability, incontinence, disability, reusable, special needs ContiSlip, adult, nappy, diaper, washable, disability, incontinence, disability, reusable, special needs
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Our soft, breathable adult Contislips can hold over 2 litres of fluid and are ultra fast absorbing.
Superior to traditional pads and nappies, they offer ultimate comfort, high absorbency and affordability in one slimline package.
Multiple layers of cotton, teamed with gentle microfleece against the skin, result in a high quality garment that offers hours of comfort and dignity.

Team with a waterproof outer wrap and boost with a trifold for a full continence solution.

Handmade in the UK, by real people that care about your comfort.

Size Guide
X-Small (Child XXL) - Rise 24", Waist 23"-31"
Small - Rise 26", Waist 26"-37"
Medium - Rise 30", Waist 30"- 43"
Large - Rise 34", Waist 40"- 53"
X Large - Rise 37", Waist 50"-65"


To measure for size:

R = Rise, which is the measurement from the waistband at the back, between the legs, to where the waistband will sit just below the belly button.
W = Waist, which is the measurement around the waist where you want the waistband to sit. Usually where underwear band would be.

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5 Stars
Kevin-North Yorkshire

Apologies for the length of this review but there's a lot to say and I feel so strongly about this subject I'm willing to share my story as well as promote this nappy in the hope it encourages other people. For what it's worth I'm not on commission or have any commercial interest in Blankencare either but do feel happy to have found this company and their products.

I've searched long and hard for the right product to deal with unavoidable heavy wetting that has blighted me most of my life but which became worse (along with daytime issues) following spinal injury and surgery. I've recovered from the operations to the point where I'm active, mobile and working and have a normal life as a man in my 50's does, but I need napppies at night for comfortable sleep and out of consideration of my partner. I also need daytime protection too when travelling or away from quick and easy toilet access and I am looking into other more discreet reusables for this in the form of the stuffable pull up pants Blankencare offer, although I am yet to try these.

Back to the Contislip.... For years I've tried various types of disposables and some were effective whilst others were useless. They have their place, as they are quite discrete and with working away a lot and travelling the fact they are disposable is a bonus. However, they irritate me, cause rashes, are uncomfortable at times and they are an environmental disaster as they really are not disposable at all but that's another issue.

The alternative when at home was the old fashioned terry nappies which were made from adapted towels with a booster layer, pinned on and covered with plastic pants. Whilst this method was comfortable, absorbant and economical, working well at a time my children were young and we were washing terry nappies for them too, the fit for an adult is not easy, they are awkward due to folding and pinning and the "babyish" image wasn't good for self esteem.

For many years I've wished there was something in between, specifically designed for adults and I do believe there is a market for this as there are many older children and adults of all ages who need the protection of nappies at night for a multitude of reasons. The ideal was to find something made to fit me, that was washable, highly absorbant to avoid leaks and wet beds, that was snug fitting in the way a modern disposable is but with more comfort and some protection / absorbancy at the sides rather than just the central area, and easy to put on using Velcro or snaps rather than pins.

After much searching, I discovered the Contislip and I was so impressed at what I saw on the website I asked more questions and to be sure of what I was proposing to buy, I travelled to a disability exhibition, driving from Yorkshire to Birmingham so I could look at the products and speak face to face with Vicky who was exhibiting. Meeting Vicky, seeing the products physically, and chatting to another person who as an active adult also has to rely on protection at night has been a massive shift for me. I purchased a cotton Contislip with a booster to try and to be honest I felt a bit uncertain how effective it would be. Unfortunately I found when I tried it that although the quality was great the fit didn't work for me. That is not Vicky's fault though, it's because I am one of those "in between" sizes type with the medium a touch too small and the large too big. However that was no problem for Vicky. She refunded me, made me an adjusted size to suit me, and quickly posted it out.

A few weeks on I can honestly say that this is the most comfortable, well made, absorbant and reliable product I've ever tried and it's now my favoured night time nappy. It really does feel right, the quality is there in the manufacturing, it's comfortable despite being more bulky than a disposable and it works. It has changed the way I sleep, I no longer toss and turn or wake in the night worrying whether or not my pyjamas or the bed is damp. I can go 10-12 hours and the nappy can be soaked but I still feel comfortable as the microfleece lining wicks the dampness away from the skin. I tend to sleep on my side or front too which is where disposables always fail for a man as the absorbency on those is only in the crotch or rear which only really absorbs properly if you wet it whilst laying flat on your back. Whilst the Contislip is a bit bulkier it doesn't feel uncomfortable as it's so well shaped and the finish of the fabrics and stitching is so good. In any case it's the extra bulk of the layers that make it effective so that's a small price to pay for the protection it offers. It can be worn on its own, or with the extra booster, obviously covered by waterproof wrap or pants. It always gets me through the night no matter what my bladder does or how much I've drunk which is another plus as before I would restrict my fluid intake in a bid to be drier even though it's not good medically not to have enough fluids. On a couple of occasions I have woke in the night to find the trifold booster wet but the main Contislip relatively dry so I've just quickly removed that and replaced it with another liner in the form of a folded baby size terry nappy (at the moment I have only the one set that I'm trialling) then continued to wear the original nappy all the way through until the morning. They also wash well and as another reviewer said, they do the job they are designed to do and they feel bombproof, which I can't say is true for other products I've tried despite their claims.

I've also come to realise that Vicky is passionate about developing the products, she listens to customers and is willing to modify and tweak the products to suit you. She understands how incontinence affects people and that it is not just babies or the elderly who have a need for nappies. She deals sympathetically with her customers and is working hard to develop quality, environmentally friendly products that help people of all ages and sizes. I have without doubt finally found a nappy that works for me an adult with heavy and sudden bladder loss, and that whilst I naturally don't like having this problem / hidden disability I now feel more comfortable and more confident in dealing with it without embarrassment and with the ability for the first time in years to have good sleep and a dry bed.

I will be purchasing more and won't be looking elsewhere as I know Blankencare's adult products are streets ahead of anything else I've tried. The initial outlay may be higher and there is the laundry cycle to consider but to be honest that is not a problem. Mine get a quick short rinse in washer when first removed and then a normal wash cycle with towels. I find they line dry on an airer during the day with a finishing off boost in tumble drier if needed and it's no hassle and it's not as if I have a bucket of wet nappies hanging around. I will add that I live in an apartment with nowhere to dry washing outside but the whole laundry and storage issue is easily managed. To be honest it's better than having to bulk store packs of disposables or to have used nappies sat in a kitchen or bathroom bin.

I would urge any adult with a condition like mine to be open minded and give the Contislips and associated products a try. I don't think you will be disappointed.

5 Stars
Samantha-Rossendale, Lancashire

Bought these for my Heavily incontinent/super wetting 6 year old who managed to outpee most of the nappies supplied by the NHS leading to many embarrassing leaks and several changes of clothes/bedding in a 24 hour period... my little girl would also suffer from bouts of nappy rash and constantly complain the NHS prescription nappies were uncomfortable to wear...

From the first time we used the contislip my little girl said she felt much more comfortable due to the soft layers next to her skin, within a number of days her nappy rash all but cleared up and we never had another outbreak... also the nappy was slightly bulky but still fitted quite well under her leggings/jeans and other trousers

Also a plus point for me was that due to the contislip holding 2+ litres of pee boosted by the trifold insert my washing time was immediately cut down, the slip was also really easy to wash, is best line dried but can be tumble dried on a low heat if you need to keep on top of your stash like I did...

What I also liked is that with the cloth nappies I never had to worry about running out and having to order more then worrying as to whether they'd be here on time and if they did would they be packed discreetly and my neighbours see what was inside the bulky parcels we got delivered every month.

so if your looking for comfort, affordability, economic value and ease of use look no further... still not sure then ask for a trial kit and see for yourself

5 Stars
Garth-Durban, South Africa

A very nice & well made absorbent nappy that's very comfortable to wear. I highly recommend them!

5 Stars

As a sufferer of adult incontinence, I have always relied on the good old NHS to put me right and supply me with incontinence pads/nappies. Until mid Essex PCT changed the usual attends slip 10 regular, as it was no longer available to me (which previously worked Ok). Instead I was given the grand iD slip from Ontex, which was quite frankly like urinating in your own pants. After two months of difficulties with leaking at night as we all often do, I stumbled on a company called ‘Blanken Care Ltd’. Here we go again I thought… Let’s try another pointless exercise testing their wares so I can put them with the rest of the micro fleeced failures. I ordered 5 pair of the bamboo Contislips, two weeks later they arrived. These were completely different, heavier, more robust & felt like they would take no nonsense. (And they didn’t)! They came with a care note advising to wash at least 3 times before you wear them. (Which I did). It was with trepidation that I trialed my new possible saviour that first night. I used my own waterproof pants from an earlier reusable failure & that was it. The Contislip actually worked all night with no leaks at all. Over the next few weeks I drank more & wanted to test this new contender to the maximum. The Contislip did not disappoint either!

That was two years ago & since then I have worn only the Contislip at night. (Bamboo is my preferred fabric choice & more comfortable in my opinion). My wife & I are now able to socialise as a couple in public again, going to events or just to our local, were previously I was conscious of leaks & had to limit what I drank when in public. Now I don’t worry about this & drink as much as I wish, knowing my dignity is assured, having not been let down by my Contislips. At home in the night, sleeping either on my back, front, or side have no adverse effects either.

If you’ve tried all the other rubbish out there & want a product that really works, I can’t recommend these enough!

I thought a proper review would help others in my situation. Thanks for reading. Steve, Essex.