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We recommend following the advice below to ensure our garments are properly maintained, providing the best results after repeated use. (The care advice given below is also applicable to reusable garments in general).

·     Cotton and Bamboo garments should be pre-washed prior to use. Every wash will increase absorbency. Items may take up to 5 washes initially to reach peak absorbency. (Fleece / PUL is ready to go without pre-washing).


·     Avoid using Fabric Softener when washing as this will reduce the absorbency of your garments.


·     We recommend washing using your normal powder / gel at up to 60 degrees; however 40 degrees should be more than sufficient for regular washing.


·     Lights and coloured garments should be washed separately for the first few times. 


·     Where provided, ensure you fold back any laundry tabs. Securing them will help ensure the longevity of the hook applix on the 'wings' of the garments.


·     All products can be tumble dried if required, however air dying (Washing Line / Clothes Horse etc) is recommended to maintain optimum condition.


**NOTE PUL (PolyUrethane Laminate - waterproof layer) will deteriorate more quickly with regular tumble drying. Also avoid putting garments with PUL directly over radiators.** 

·     Cotton and Bamboo garments will experience some colour loss / fading and fabric bobbling over time. This is normal after repeated washing and does not compromise the integrity of the garment.